I am a self-taught artist based in Comox, BC. Using the brilliant color and luminous transparency of fused glass, I create one-of-a-kind pictures, wall panels, light catchers and garden art as well as functional bowls and plates of various sizes. Pieces that pop with colour go a long way to brighten the greyest of days and enhance your home! My joy to create, and yours to enjoy.

It is my belief that the spaces we spend our time in are a reflection of who we are.

I grew up in Oakville, ON and migrated west to BC in 1996. Having completed an undergrad degree at the University of Toronto and later, a Master’s degree at Royal Roads University, in Victoria, I chose to put roots down on the west coast. I currently work with a group of Occupational Therapists providing cognitive training for people with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Falling in love with the sea-to- sky beauty of the Comox Valley was easy. I am inspired by the natural wonder  and feel lucky to witness it every day.


I was  introduced to the art of fused glass and caught the bug right away! It is a type of kiln-formed art whereby sheets of glass are creatively cut, arranged and then fired in a kiln. The glass is brought to very high temperatures, allowing it to ‘fuse’ into one piece.

I am enchanted by the reflections, a combination of water and light, that dance in a finished piece of glass artwork.

This art form has as many possibilities as light itself. I like to think that the ongoing process of learning and experimenting mirrors the experience of life. It is this that keeps me as an artist challenged and stimulated and the pieces lively and satisfying. Each piece is individually crafted, so no two will be identical. They include tiny bubbles or other happy accidents which, I believe, add to their uncontrived beauty.

Please explore the galleries on this site. The pieces you will see may be currently available or may have already been sold. If you see something you like, items can be re-created in a similar design and perhaps even in colours of your choosing. I have included some previously commissioned works as well.

I hope you enjoy Broken Fish Studio. Please leave questions or comments in the “Guestbook” area of this site. I look forward to hearing from you by email at brokenfishstudio@gmail.com

Thanks for your time